EP3.5 Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

EP3.5 Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

Brief Introduction of EP3.5 Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck

EP3.5 mobile concrete mixer truck combines the functions of self-loading material, computerized weighing, water pumping, mixing, transporting and discharging. A small or medium-scale project can be easily finished by 2 mobile EP3.5, 1 cement tank and 1 water tank.

Features and Advantages of EP3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck


►4 wheels driving, 4 wheels steering

►Accurate electric weighing system
►The mixing unit is sewing hydraulically through 270 degree for high discharge over 1.8m to the four sides.

Parameters of EP3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck


Name Item Specification
Vehicle Net 8800KG
Gross 6000KG
Transmission Full-hydraulic
4 wheels driving, 4 wheel steering
Brake Hydraulic brake
Front and rear independent system
Chassis Off road,China top brand axle
Distance of front/Rear wheelbase 1905mm
Wheelbase 2155mm
Tilt angle 30%
Speed High: 0-20km/h
Low: 0-9km/h
Dimensions(L*W*H) 7100*2441*3310mm
Diesel engine Type A8QW0
Rated power/rpm 82kw/2200rpm
Max. Torque/rpm 425N.m/1400rpm
Cylinder 4-cylinder/4.836L
Bores 108mm
Cooling type Water cooling
Fuel consumption 225g/kw.h
Starter type Electric
Emission standard China II
Mixing drum Drum capacity 3.5m3/tank; 14m3/hr
Bank angle 160
Rotation speed 10-16r/min
Angle of drum rotation ≥270°