PLD Aggregate Batching Machine

PLD Aggregate Batching Machine

1. Products Description of aggregate batching machine 
PLD series aggregate batching machine is ingredient machinery, which applies to construction sites, roads, bridges and other projects. They can work with concrete mixers which discharging volume is below 6000L. The scaled aggregate can be fed directly into the concrete mixer by lifting hopper or conveyor belt.
2. Main classification of aggregate batching plant 
1. According to material quantity: 2 bins, 3 bins, 4 bins
2. According to measurement type: Various material by cumulative measurement, Each material by independent measurement
3. According to discharging method: Electrical conveyor belt, Pneumatic air cylinder
4. Technical parameters of aggregate batching plant 



















Weighing bucket capacity 800L 1200L 1600L 2400L 3200L 4800L
Hopper capacity 2*1.2m3 3*2.5m3 3*3m3 3*12m3 3*20m3 4*25m3
Production rate 48m3/h(dry material) 56m3/h(dry material) 75m3/h(dry material) 120m3/h(dry material) 160m3/h 280m3/h
Batching accuracy ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Maximum weighing value 2000kg 3000kg 3000kg 4000kg 5000kg 8000kg
Ingredients species 2-3 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4
Feeding height 2400mm 2900mm 2900mm 4250mm 4500mm 2300mm
Feeder belt speed 1m/s 1m/s 1m/s 1.6m/s 1.6m/s 1.25m/s
power 3×3=9kw 4×3=12kw 3×4=12kw 7.5kw 11kw 18.5kw
Total weight 2450kg 4500kg 5600kg 8500kg 10200kg 14000kg