HBT Series Concrete Trailer Pump

HBT Series Concrete Trailer Pump

1. Brief Introduction of Electric concrete Trailer pump 

On the basis of electric commutation technology, we have developed overall hydraulic concrete pumps with excellent performance. The hydraulic system greatly improves the reliability of the machine and makes sure it can work in any hard condition. Our various motor and diesel engine concrete pumps mainly cover capacity from 30 to 120m³/h and pressure from 5 to 20Mpa. 

2. Features of concrete trailer pump


    For motors, adopt the domestic and world-famous brands Yantai motors or Beide motors of Siemens. For diesel engine, adopt original VOLVO or Weichai DEUTZ as the power of the pumps.
    Hydraulic system
    The main oil pumps, valves, rubber hose joints and seal components in big oil cylinder adopt the domestic and world-famous brands, insuring the safety and no leakage of hydraulic system.
   The radiator
    Radiator is air-cooled type, enabling the machine to work under the allowable highest temperature.
   Electric parts
    Main electric elements are from Schneider and LG, the reliability of which is highly improved.
   Mechanical parts
    The hopper is newly designed and welded with wear-resistant 16Mn steel; the concrete in the hopper has a good flowing and absorbency performance.
   Glasses plates and cut loops
3. Parameter of concrete delivery pump


Item Unit S tube concrete pump
HBT40S-13-45 HBT50S-13-55 HBT60S-13-90 HBT60S-16-110 HBT80S-13-110 HBT80S-16-132
Theoretic concrete delivery volume (H/L) m3/h 40 50 36/60 35/60 47/80 46/80
Theoretic concrete delivery pressure (H/L) Mpa 13 13 7.6/12.5 9.6/15.7 7.6/12.5 9.6/15.7
Hydraulic pressure Mpa 31.5 31.5 32 32 32 32
Main oil pump Original German Hawe, Rexruth and Japanese Kawasaki or domestic brand
Electric motor power kw 45 55 90 110 110 132
Hydraulic oil tank volume L 300 300 500 500 500 500
Hopper capacity m3 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.6
Maximum theoretic delivery distance Vertical m 180 180 180 250 180 250
Horizontal m 700 700 700 1000 700 1000
Overall weight kg 3500 3900 5000 5200 5200 5500