YHZS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

YHZS Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

 1. Brief Introduction of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plant is a combination of storing, weighing, transporting, mixing and controlling. It has features of compact structure and all ready-functions. Adopting modular structuring way enables convenient movement. Ready to run without special foundation and commissioning, which can save installation and commissioning time.

2. Technical Characteristics of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

1. Adopt twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer as the assorted mixer, which has obvious characteristics like fast mixing, wide mixing range and good concrete quality etc. to satisfy the customers’ requirements.

2. Adopt the technology of “click to supplement” to ensure the accuracy of dynamic measurement no less than ±1%.

3. Adopt additive weighing pneumatic conveying equipment to measure and convey additives, which completely avoid the quality accident caused by the failure of additive system.

4. Assemble two suits operating devices (touch-screen and computer), and can be operated manually, semi-automatically and automatically, which ensures the working reliability.

5. The fully accounted concrete technology enables perfect foundations like: unique ratio deposit, self-compensation of aggregates drop, scale-owing, alarming and revising of over-scale, on-line modifying formula, date saving and query, and report-print and so on.

6. Use pre-debugged air plugs to ensure quick installation and commissioning.



3. Parameters of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant


Type Unit YHZS25/ YHZM25 YHZS35/ YHZS40 YHZS50/ YHZS60 YHZS75/ YHZS90 YHZS100/ YHZS120
Theoretical Productivity m3/hr 20-25 30-40 40-60 60-75 80-100
Concrete Mixer / JS500/ JZM500 JS750/ MSO750 JS1000/ MSO1000 JS1500/ MAO1500 JS2000/ MAO2000
Batching System m3/bin 2x3.5 Or 4x1.8 2x11 Or 4x5.5 4x5.5 4x5.5 3x20
Max. Aggregate Dia. mm 60/80 60/80 60/80 60/80 60/80
Weighing precision % Aggregate ±2 Aggregate ±2 Aggregate ±2 Aggregate ±2 Aggregate ±2
Cement ±1 Cement ±1 Cement ±1 Cement ±1 Cement ±1
Water ±1 Water ±1 Water ±1 Water ±1 Water ±1
Additive ±1 Additive ±1 Additive ±1 Additive ±1 Additive ±1
Discharging Height m 3.8/1.7 3.8/4.0 3.8/4.0 3.8/4.0 3.8/4.0
Trailer Speed km/hr ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60
Package / 1x40HQ 3x40HQ 3x40HQ 3x40HQ 4x40HQ