What are the factors that affect the price of concrete mixers?

What are the factors that affect the price of concrete mixers?

 The increase in the demand for concrete has increased the number of users who invest in concrete mixers. The price difference between the mixers on the market is large, and many users do not know how to choose? EP Machinery summarized the detailed factors affecting the price of concrete mixers for reference.

The following are the detailed and complete factors affecting the prices of concrete mixers in Zhengzhou Zhongda:
Raw material price

Steel is the skeleton of concrete mixers, especially the amount of special steel used in abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant mixers directly determines the price of the mixer. A set of 90% of the mixer is steel, and the small price increase of steel will affect its ex-factory price.
2. Market supply and demand

If the demand for concrete mixers in the market is greater than the manufacturer's supply, the corresponding price will increase.

3. Regional differences

Different regions, the price of concrete mixers will also be different, if you buy equipment in less areas of the production of concrete mixers, then there is no doubt that prices will rise, so consumers should consult as much as possible the price of each place, and then select The most cost-effective mixer equipment.
4 mixer quality

The quality of the concrete mixer is the main factor that determines its price. As the saying goes, the better the quality of the concrete mixer, the higher the price will be. Therefore, when consumers purchase concrete mixers, they should not only pay attention to equipment with low prices. Quality is the prerequisite for ensuring the good operation of concrete mixers.

5. The degree of automation of the mixer equipment

Fully automatic is much more expensive than ordinary equipment. Generally speaking, more manpower is consumed, and machinery is relatively cheaper. Considering the long-term goal, the group automatic equipment saves more.

When purchasing any product, the customer's habitual first question asks “How much is the price?”, concrete mixer products are no exception. However, it is different from general merchandise. Apart from considering the price, we have to consider many aspects, such as how powerful the manufacturer of the mixer is. What is the quality of the main parts of the mixer? Is there a perfect after-sales service for the mixer? and many more.

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