How can I choose a good concrete mixer?

How can I choose a good concrete mixer?

 To invest in concrete machinery and equipment, in order to obtain the desired benefits, we must first buy a set of good mixing plant equipment. However, many investment users are not very clear about how to choose a good mixing plant equipment. The following Zhengzhou Zhongda will share some tips with you.

There are many ways to choose a mixing station equipment. But how to choose the most suitable for their own is very important, equipment does not mean that is suitable for you, of course, bad equipment is certainly not OK, according to their own needs and venues and other aspects of a comprehensive comparison.

The choice of mixing plant equipment is generally based on user demand configuration and production, for the construction of the project or the production of commercial concrete for sale, the average service life of a set of equipment is 10 years, during use will inevitably encounter repair, maintenance parts and other after-sales service, is A product that cannot leave the service.
Therefore, to choose a good set of mixing station equipment, we must first select a good manufacturer. The standards of good manufacturers are as follows:

1. There are enough brands to ensure product design capabilities, as well as stable and reliable product quality;

2. Advanced technology, energy saving, environmental protection, good operability and easy management;

3. The company is stable and has the ability to provide technical training technical support and long-term service.
With the above three points of the mixing station manufacturer, it can be selected as a partner.

Next is the choice of equipment for the mixing plant.

Quality selection is important when selecting equipment for a mixing plant. When the user chooses to buy, it depends on the material of the mixing station equipment. The superiority of the material directly influences the service life of the mixing station equipment. The good mixing station equipment is the use of channel steel, stainless steel, etc., which can effectively avoid the rain washing. Corrosion of the solvent reduces the vibration amplitude of the laundry and greatly increases the service life of the mixing plant.

Environmental performance is also very important. Now, environmental-friendly mixing plant equipment has become the mainstream development trend. Therefore, if you are not buying environmentally-friendly mixing plant equipment, you will quickly be eliminated in later production and sales. If you want to get normal operations, you will have to re-purchase equipment. This price is very high.

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