What are the tips for choosing a concrete mixer?

What are the tips for choosing a concrete mixer?

 Users want to buy a concrete mixer, they want to buy a cost-effective, how to choose? It is actually skillful. In this article, Zhengzhou University will share several articles to help you choose a cost-effective concrete mixer. Come see it!

Tip 1: Reliability of Concrete Mixer

The concrete mixer part is used as a stand-alone machine, and more is used by the mixing station host. Therefore, the performance of the concrete mixer plays a key role in the operation of the entire mixing plant. Once a problem occurs during operation, the entire mixing plant will be affected. When buying, pay attention to the reliability of the concrete mixer.

Tip Two: The Environmental Protection of Concrete Mixer

At present, green environmental mixing stations have become the mainstream trend, and local governments have also increased their attention to the environmental protection of mixing plants. Users should pay attention to these when choosing a concrete mixer mainframe. It is possible to reduce the spread of dust by building a working shed. Users should pay attention to its environmental protection dust removal system when purchasing a concrete mixer. Whether there is a large-scale active dust collector installed at the main station pre-feed hopper to effectively reduce the dust in the station, the powder warehouse adopts large pulse dust removal or double dust collection or recovery. The dust removal method can be selected according to customer conditions. The aggregate pre-hopper bucket is built with a built-in door for easy sealing and dust protection. Pressurized shower discharges water, reducing the amount of dust in the mixer.

Tip 3: Aftermarket sale of concrete mixer

During the operation of the concrete mixer, some wearing parts are replaced quickly. Therefore, the user must pay attention to the after-sales work of the manufacturer when purchasing the host computer. This is where large manufacturers and powerful manufacturers do relatively well. Some small factories do not pay much attention in this section. Therefore, EP recommends that you try to choose a large factory equipment when choosing a mixer.

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