How to choose a concrete mixer

How to choose a concrete mixer

 There are numerous concrete mixer manufacturers on the market. The brand is also dazzling for consumers. With so many manufacturers and product categories, how do users choose? Today Xiao Bian simply gives you a few practical methods:

1. According to the user's own project total and project duration to choose, can not be greedy for perfection, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of investment.
People in the country are always accustomed to being big and good, so many times blindly choosing products that exceed their own needs can actually cause problems.
The waste of production capacity and the waste of previous investments should be strictly calculated based on actual needs of their own, and it should be slightly exceeded. in case
If the total amount of concrete projects is large and the project cycle is long, then it is recommended to use large-scale fixed concrete mixers or choose
Small concrete mixing plant, of course, if the amount of small earthwork is short, then the mobile small and medium-sized mixer is you
best choice.

2. In accordance with the actual needs of their own work project construction, look at the composition and viscosity of the actual concrete mixing ingredients, if the construction needs to stir the objects of high viscosity, bone particles larger, you should use the stirring drum speed comparison Fast self-drop type mixer; if it is only when the viscosity is very small, the forced concrete mixer, or the small and medium-capacity conical reversal mixer is the best choice for you; of course, if When the viscosity of the stirrer is large, the self-dropping rolling mixer with a large capacity is the best choice for you.

3. It can be selected according to the type of concrete in the project. For example, when the concrete mixing is plastic or semi-plastic, then the rolling mixer is the most suitable and is your best choice. If the mixing concrete is high-strength or light-weight concrete, the forced concrete mixer is your first choice.

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