Concrete mixer truck operating instructions

Concrete mixer truck operating instructions

 During the operation of concrete mixers, certain rules must also be followed. Today Xiao Bian took everyone to learn more about it.

The capacity, quality, and slump of concrete conveyed by a concrete mixer shall meet the concrete industry standards and requirements. During the transportation of concrete, the tank body must not be stopped to prevent condensation of the concrete. When the engine is stopped and restarted, it will cause impact on the hydraulic system and the speed reducer, resulting in damage to the hydraulic pump and the motor.

When the concrete mixer truck is driving on the road, the extended chute must be placed on the unloading chute bracket and hung with a hook, and it is not allowed to hang on the main chute; the main chute should be rotated to a fixed position and the positioning handle should be pulled down. Lock the spring luffing mechanism with the locking handle to prevent it from swaying due to non-fixation, causing injury and affecting other vehicle operations.

The continuous operation time of the working device of the concrete mixer shall not exceed 8 hours. When unloading, if found moisture evaporation, low slump can not meet the user's requirements, can be added to the barrel of water, and then rotate at a speed of 10-14r/min 30 unloading, so that the concrete is fully stirred.

During the no-load operation of the concrete mixer truck, the mixer drum must not be stopped so as to avoid bumps on the raceways and the supporting wheels during jolting, resulting in abnormal damage to the supporting rollers and raceways. The amount of water in the tank should always be filled up for emergency use. Before the water tank is filled with water, the air release valve must be opened to release the air in the tank. Open the valve when flushing, drain the gas from the tank when the flush is complete or when it is deactivated. When parking in winter, there must be no water in the water tank and water supply system to prevent freezing.

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