Biaxial mixer stirring device details

Biaxial mixer stirring device details

For a twin-shaft mixer, the quality of the stirring device directly affects its production efficiency and mixing quality. The main components of the stirring device are the agitator shaft. The manufacturers of the EP construction concrete mixing equipment will use this article to introduce the material and structure of the agitator shaft of the double shaft mixer in detail.

1. Design instructions for agitator shaft of double shaft mixer

In the process of concrete mixing, the force of each blade is more complicated, so the bending stress and torsional stress transmitted to the agitator shaft are also relatively complex. Because the force of the agitator shaft is mainly twisted, for the convenience of calculation, the torsional strength condition is calculated during the design process of the agitator shaft, and the method of increasing the safety factor is used to ensure the reliability of the agitator shaft.

2. Material description of agitator shaft of double axis mixer

Like common shafts, steel No. 45 is commonly used, and unimportant requirements can be selected for Q235 steel. When corrosion resistance is high or the material is not contaminated by iron ions, stainless acid-resistant steel or anti-corrosion measures should be used.

3. Structure description of agitator shaft of double shaft mixer

Stirring shafts are commonly used for solid and hollow diameters. The hollow structure can reduce the quality of the mixer, but the processing is more complicated and the cost is higher. Usually a solid structure is used. + Forced + Mixer Detachable connection structure In the past, commonly used enclave type structures are currently used for plug-in type structures.

(a) 1. Hold the tile 2. Triangle button 3. Stirring shaft 4. Coupling bolt 5. Stirring arm

(b) 1. Stirring shaft 2. Block 3. Shaft with ring 4. Arm

(c) 1. Agitator arm 2. Link plate 3. Agitator shaft 4. Coupling bolt 5. Agitator arm

4. Supporting instructions for agitator shaft of double-shaft mixer

In general, the agitator shaft is supported by a pair of bearings in the gearbox. However, due to the fact that the agitator shaft is generally long and operates within the reactor, such bearings are subject to poor conditions. When the agitator arm is too long and very thin, it often twists the shaft, increases the centrifugal force, and finally achieves complete destruction. Therefore, the stirring shaft cantilever has certain supporting conditions. Specific conditions The business manager will inform the user when purchasing the equipment.

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